среда, 25 августа 2010 г.

Trying new Limit brake on Goblin Shaman.

I was like WOW cool Equip and then she left or he.

I was looking for complete set AF armor and found this kido Treasure hunting.

I’m with Morpheus, Whisnant, Mahora, Spy and Apocaly, Leonid, Lil, Azegthoth.

pol 2004-04-28 23-23-29-91

Running to the Dun. We gonna Own the hell out of all mobs.

pol 2004-05-02 23-45-23-54 

We got owned :D That’s a different team though.

Solo the worm in FFXI

pol 2004-04-23 19-10-14-07 pol 2004-04-21 20-38-18-17

I think there was no other class that could solo them. :D See That kid Hennessy watching me do it.

Ranger in FFXI was super OverPower.

pol 2004-04-21 01-11-02-76 pol 2004-04-21 00-56-24-87 pol 2004-04-21 00-56-30-06

I think I got him up to level 24.

FFXI – Leveling my Bard.

pol 2004-04-19 21-04-35-32 pol 2004-04-19 19-04-59-87 pol 2004-04-19 19-32-32-92

I even got those rare boots. Some of you know what boots, if you remember :D

Team FFXI fighting Tonbery – Azagthoth Valkilmar, Hant, Tadashi, Allice

pol 2004-04-18 18-44-39-84 
We are Owning Tonbery. Valkilmar, Hant, Tadashi, Allice, Hote and me Rushing.

pol 2004-04-15 02-08-24-60

Azagthoth revives and Cures the Dead samurai. Thanks to Azagthoth, he did come to help me all the time. Meanwhile, I Was trying to get AF, but did not get it.

Morpheus and Rushing FFXI 2004

pol 2004-04-19 00-14-46-06 pol 2004-04-14 23-18-11-09

Deciding on where to go next!

Morpheus, Jill, Azagthoth, RunRun, Ryou, Mizeru, Kdash, Jine and Rushing are in the Dugeon of FFXI

pol 2004-04-14 21-38-44-56

Running into the Dungeon. Quite a team we got there.

pol 2004-04-14 22-39-17-12 

Morpheus was my best Japanese friend and he also gave me an armor I forgot to return. Sorry!

Jine, Jill, Rushing preparing for battle.

pol 2004-04-14 20-46-05-68 

Here I’m without helm! Pretty awesome Samurai!

pol 2004-04-14 21-05-53-59

Got owned in FFXI – Darn those Tonberry Chests.

I’m Fighting Gigas Quarrier -

pol 2004-04-14 18-48-07-48 pol 2004-05-01 17-17-26-09 pol 2004-04-16 18-31-55-56 pol 2004-04-16 18-32-47-93

The date was 2004-04-14 18-48-07-48. So WOWW!  6 years ago it was!